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Frick, Frack, and Jack free essay sample

Who’s Frick? Who’s Frack? Hold up a moment I’m Jack! At that point who are Frick and Frack? My sisters, they’re Frick and Frack. At the point when I was nearly nothing, their epithets were so befuddling! I’d call Frick, Frack and Frack, Frick. They just called me Jack. I’m the most youthful of the pack; despite everything realizing who I need to be. Frick and Frack are my closest companions, sisters by affection. They’ve been there for me when nobody else was. We as a whole have an affection for ponies that’s continually developing. They’re the instructors that were once me, admiring the sky and trying to achieve the impossible. That’s why they’re the best, since they came to and never halted. They were from my point of view and know my stature. Frick and Frack guided me to traverse my life as an adolescent. It’s harsh; they were there and they know it. We will compose a custom paper test on Frick, Frack, and Jack or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page I recall the first occasion when they asserted me as their younger sibling. Standing next to each other, Frick and Frack professed to cry. â€Å"And so†¦ We give you this as our little Jack,† they said and gave me a cowhide wristband weaved with â€Å"Jack† in strong. It’s my fortune; that calfskin and Iwould never let it go. Frick and Frack could never leave, I’d thought. They’re the closest companions I’ve ever had. They get me and realize what it’s like to adore an existence of ponies. For what reason would they leave? In any case, that’s what they did. Around the same time, they moved on from secondary school. Frick went to Cobleskill, and Frack went to the University of North Dakota. Be that as it may, before they left, they gave me they minded one final time. It happened so quick, yet each subsequent despite everything feels like perpetually to me. That day when the grass was only excessively wet, and I encouraged my pony excessively much. So he slipped, and we were falling until the ground smacked my back. My pony descended on head of me and afterward everything went dark. At the point when light returned I was on the ground. Frick and Frack were unexpectedly there directly close to me. I’d never observed them so frightened. â€Å"Why are you seeing me like that?† I’d said. â€Å"What occurred? For what reason are you crying?† Now I see what they’d seen and recognize what they knew. Demise had been so close and I’d been so dumbfounded. All I’d known is that Frick and Frack were there and in the event that they were, everything would have been alright. Presently it’s alarming to consider, however consoling as well. My sisters were there and they cherished me. They didn’t need to lose me. In school now they’re learning and developing into grown-ups. They return on breaks and once in a while I’ll see them. Be that as it may, it’s just not equivalent to it used to be. I’ve developed more seasoned and more astute; I know a greater amount of what they previously realized. So I’ll shed a grin and wave; I’ll state, â€Å"Hello, how are you?† I come to consider them with a hurt in my heart that was once full, yet the greatest piece of me. They were my home. I know right now they would grin at me and state: â€Å"You’re turning into a grown-up now, you’re growing up. Stand up tall and ride your pony like that feared day had never happened.† â€Å"You’re Jack, a piece of Frick and Frack. You’re realizing what they’ve realized, getting your own stunts en route. You got Frick’s fortitude and Frack’s assurance. You’re picking up Frick’s experience and Frack’s brains. You’re going to resemble your sisters one day.† This is the thing that I let myself know, and it makes a portion of the hurt disappear. I recollect the time I went through with them. And afterward my heart feels somewhat lighter. I am Jack; I am a piece of Frick and Frack. We are Frick, Frack, and Jack.

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What were the aims of Gregory of Tours 'History of the Franks' Essay

What were the points of Gregory of Tours 'History of the Franks' - Essay Example As an adolescent, Gregory lived with his uncles Nicetius and Archdeacon Avitus who later became religious administrator of Lyons and minister of Clermont individually. His training was in chapel schools and principally restricted to an investigation of the sacred text. Truth be told, he was instructed by his own uncle Gallus, who was the Bishop of Clermont. 1Platts calls attention to that â€Å"Gregory separated himself such a great amount by his learning and ethicalness, that in 573, he was picked minister of Tours†. Gregory had just been appointed an elder by 565. He was picked to succeed Eufronius, his mother’s cousin as the nineteenth minister of visits in 573. In the wake of being picked cleric of Tours, Gregory went to Rome where he visited the burial chambers of different Apostles and developed fellowship with Gregory the Great. Gregory’s life being a religious administrator was difficult. In spite of being the site of the fourth-century religious administ rator of Tours, it was an additionally an area acclimated with clashes between the rulers of Frank, for example, Sigibert and Chilperic. In 585, Gregory was restricted by an alliance framed by an area of the Touraine ministry, the foes of the Austrasian family and the check of the city. During this time Touraine was being contested by Merovingian sovereigns. In spite of being an individual who regarded authority, Gregory engaged in these political fights as he endeavored to safeguard the privileges of Saint Martin. Be that as it may, he had all the more very relations with replacements of Chilperic. In spite of the fact that he was unable to keep up his clout in an area isolated among various realms, he did new things in Tours and delayed Saint Martin’s authority. Gregory kicked the bucket in Tours on November 17 out of 593 or 594. When of his demise, he had made numerous achievements among them being crafted by revamping Tours house of prayer just as improving its assortment of relic materials. There have been different discussions in the past on Gregory’s target composing the historical backdrop of the Franks. In the first place, the title ‘history of the Franks’ gives a feeling that his work is basically founded on history. Any individual who peruses the title will accept that the guideline behind the work is the historical backdrop of the Merovingian and Frankish realms, their lords and replacements. Truth be told, the points go from endeavors by Clovis to take out Frankish rulers who were his opponents. He likewise gives records of catastrophic events that described his occasions such as the destructive floods. Be that as it may, Gregory’s aim was not to compose a political history yet rather to entwine both religious and mainstream history so as to pass his message. The word history is in opposition to what Gregory needed to pass on in his work the historical backdrop of the Franks. Be that as it may, for Gregory and oth er old authors, for example, Herodotus the word Historiae is utilized to allude to a record of saw occasions instead of occasions knew about. Indeed, six among the ten books Gregory composed rotate around his own occasions. In book one, Gregory returns to the production of man, a few occasions in the Old Testament and finishes with the demise of religious administrator Martin of Tours. In book two he examines the questions that occurred between early Frankish lords and finishes with Clovis’s passing. In book three, he examines the fortunes of Clovis’s children and from the fourth book; he talks about his initial life, family and occasions during his occasions. Gregory composed the historical backdrop of the Franks; the lives of the holy people among different works. He stays one of the most skilled and innovative journalists of the medieval times. He is likewise one of the most noticeable early medieval consecrated biographers. Through his work, the historical backdrop of the Franks Gregory uncovers the political turmoil’

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Religious Worldviews

Section One: Hindu Worldview (Pantheistic) 1. The Question of Origin †In a Hindu Worldview the topic of beginning would be pantheistic in nature. A Hindu would accept that they have consistently been in presence and everything is a piece of god. God is viewed as an indifferent power of nature and this power is in all things and encompasses everything. One can just get away from this power through the procedure of resurrection and to get one with all the fixings. 2. The Question of Identity †In a Hindu Worldview life is viewed as a holy piece of nature. Man’s soul is viewed as endless until he in the long run arrives at a territory of Nirvana. Around then they will get one with Brahman. The objective is to carry out enough beneficial things with the goal that when you pass on you will return in a higher life structure until you arrive at Nirvana. 3. The Question of Meaning/Purpose †In a Hindu Worldview life is to be seen as a figment just as one was living in a fantasy and life around them doesn't generally exist. The objective is to get this with the goal that you may end the pattern of rebirth and rise to a territory of Nirvana. 4. The Question of Morality †In a Hindu Worldview god is in all things and everything is in god. This conviction will oversee how man treats everything and everybody around them. It is at last one’s own choice to figure out what is correct and what's going on. 5. The Question of Destiny †In a Hindu Worldview one would accept that one’s karma decides how you will return in the following life. In the event that an individual has great Karma they will arrive at a more significant level upon resurrection. On the off chance that one has terrible Karma they will come back to a lower level, or as a creature upon resurrection. The objective is to arrive at Nirvana. Section Two: Christian Worldview (Theistic) . The Question of Origin †A Christian accepts that God exists and that God consistently has been and consistently will be. With this presupposition a Christian accepts that he was made by God and that everything that exists was made by God. Though a Hindu accept s that everything has consistently existed and is a piece of god. 2. The Question of Identity †A Christian accepts that since he was made by a Sovereign God he is an extraordinary formation of God. God made people just lower than blessed messengers and in His picture. God put the obligation of thinking about His creation in the hands of people. Hindus accept they are a piece of everything in nature and the objective is to get one with Brahman. 3. The Question of Meaning/Purpose †A Christian accepts that their motivation is to know God. A Christian is to have a significant relationship with the one genuine God. A Hindu accepts that their motivation is to end the pattern of resurrection and arrive at a territory of Nirvana. 4. The Question of Morality †A Christian accepts that the guide for moral living is the Bible. Good and bad depend on God’s heavenly norm and not on man’s own point of view. A Hindu accepts that they oversee what is good and bad. 5. The Question of Destiny †A Christian accepts that by tolerating or not tolerating Jesus Christ as their relish figures out where one will go through this existence in the afterlife. By tolerating Jesus Christ as ones hero they will spend endlessness in Heaven where they will be within the sight of God until the end of time. In the event that one denies Jesus Christ they will spend time everlasting in damnation perpetually isolated from God. A Hindu has faith in rebirth and Karma. Positive or negative karma will decide in what structure they will return upon resurrection. The objective is to arrive at Nirvana.

Entertainment Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Amusement Law - Essay Example The prime goal of the law concerning protected innovation is to safeguard the makers alongside different makers associated with making scholarly based products or administrations through furnishing them with certain time-confined rights. The law identifying with protected innovation targets cultivating reasonable exchange which would thus contribute towards making predominant monetary alongside social headways by a huge level (WIPO, n.d.). Conversation In request to decide the effect of licensed innovation law upon the coordinators, members and onlookers of celebrations in the United Kingdom, it very well may be obviously seen that the previously mentioned law bolsters the advancement of the UK as far as empowering development concerning the use of spearheading advances in any business field. Moreover, the law identifying with IP in the UK will in general diminish the dangers associated with designing just as creating new items or brands, animate development and most essentially enco urage more prominent money related development on the loose. In this manner, on a positive note, it tends to be certified that IP law assumes a conclusive job towards the improvement of the UK by a more noteworthy degree (Hargreaves, 2011). It merits referencing that IP law can be appropriately considered as one of the crucial territories of business law which to a great extent influences the coordinators, members and the observers of the celebrations in the UK. This can be supported concerning the way that there lays a few issues identified with IP that by and large eject while leading celebrations in the UK. In such manner, one of the vital IP related issues can be shown as the informal account of any celebration execution as photography or sound chronicles. From the perspective of the coordinators identifying with IP law, the security of IP at any celebration by receiving just as executing viable IP apparatuses including copyright, trademarks and performers’ rights can inf luence or force broad effect particularly upon the coordinators of celebrations in the UK by a specific degree. Corresponding to the members, the IP law can influence them as far as giving notice to them and the media in regards to the viewpoint that the conventional information on the exhibitions alongside the presentations of the members are not adjusted or duplicated without earlier endorsement of the members. Furthermore, it tends to be expressed that separated from the coordinators just as the members, the IP law additionally influences the observers of celebrations in the UK by a huge level. This can be supported concerning the way that the restriction of taking the photos of the members who act in the celebrations may influence the onlookers in the UK by a specific degree. As the onlookers have the craving to have a nearby perspective on their particular most loved members as entertainers, the limitation towards not giving such office may in the long run influence the observe rs of celebrations in the UK everywhere (Janke, 2009). End Thus, based on the above conversation, it very well may be avow

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Ultra Wideband (UWB) Innovation

Ultra Wideband (UWB) Innovation Dynamic UWB is another intriguing development for remote correspondences. It can replace for the most part conveyor based radio transmission by heartbeat based transmission using ultra wide band repeat yet at a low imperativeness. An essential piece of assessment in this space is to find a heartbeat with a perfect shape, whose power ridiculous thickness respects and best fits radiation limitation spread constrained by FCC. In this endeavor we review standard used Gaussian beats and its subordinates and the effect of shape variable, finding a perfect specific worth for each subordinate. Next, we request to obtain possible better heartbeat shapes as straight mixes of Gaussian auxiliaries. Progressively settled examinations suggest for one circumstance to a similar shape segment for all auxiliaries and in other case to higher variable for first auxiliary and more diminutive shape components for following subordinates. Our new idea is to use Gaussian subordinates, each with its specific perfect shape Variable and to use an experimentation estimation to procure a straight mix beat with better execution. Review of UWB development Ultra wideband (UWB) advancement is correct currently being inspected as a promising response for move speed, cost, power usage, and physical size requirements of the bleeding edge short range remote correspondences structures. When in doubt, it is described as any remote transmission plan in which the fragmentary information move limit is more important than 0.25 or the information transmission (as portrayed by the - 10 dB centers) has 1500 MHz or a more prominent measure of the range. The fragmentary transmission limit is portrayed as B_f=2 (f_h-f_l)/(f_h+f_l ) †¦ ( 1.1) Where f_haref_lare the upper and lower - 10 dB radiation motivations behind the sign range, independently. Within repeat of the transmission is portrayed as the typical of the upper and cut down 10 dB centers, for example à £Ã¢â€š ¬-(f㠣â‚ ¬-_h+f_l)/2. Not in the slightest degree like conventional remote correspondences systems, UWB structures transmit information using tight time-length (routinely a few a few picoseconds to several nanoseconds) pulses that spread the imperativeness from close DC to a couple giga hertz without using a repeat transporter. On February 14, 2002, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) discovered that the UWB systems must work with their - 10 dB information move limit within the repeat [3.1-10.6] GHz for indoor correspondences and their - 20 dB transmission limit within the [3.1-10.6] GHz go for outside exchanges. The wide range grants contraptions to get high data rate. The FCC in like manner constrained severe show power constraints on UWB. The transmitted power go thickness (PSD) is confined to - 41dBm/MHz taking after the guideline, UWB devices can make use of a to an extraordinary degree wide repeat band (7.5 gigahertz) while not radiating a great deal of imperativeness. Thus, check with existing remote contraptions can be limited. The low imperativeness thickness in go moreover gets a Low Probability of Detection (LPD) trademark, which is vital for both military and business applications. Since UWB is a carrier less procedure, the system unconventionality and cost will be remarkably decreased. UWB structures can be made pretty much all-electronic, with insignificant RF or microwave equipment. This component avoids impedance with existing organizations, while totally utilizing the available range. With the traits of wide transmission limit, low force, insignificant exertion, and high data rates at obliged degree, UWB is a promising opportunities for future short range remote trades. A short history of UWB Ultra wideband (UWB) radio is the present resurrection of an extraordinarily old kind of Communication. The essential cross-Atlantic remote transmission by Guglielmo Marconi used blaze connection transmitters that can be considered as inspiration based UWB transmission. The front line time frame in UWB started in the mid 1960s from work in time space electromagnetic to portray the transient direct of a certain classâ of microwave frameworks through their trademark drive response. The advancements in UWB improvement are the presence of the testing oscilloscope byâ both Tektronix and Hewlett-Packard in the mid 1960s and the accomplishment of frameworks for sub-nanosecond beat time, that is, giving reasonable close estimations to an inspiration excitation, the drive response of microwave frameworks could be explicitly watched and estimated. In 1972, Ross at Sperry Rand Corporation structured a sensitive baseband beat beneficiary that replaces the investigating oscilloscope which incit ed the at first authorized blueprint of a UWB correspondences system. Meanwhile, wide assessment was driven in the past Soviet Union. In the mid 1970s the fundamental layouts for UWB structures got the opportunity to be available. Both radar and correspondence structures could be worked by central parts, for instance, heartbeat train generators, heartbeat train modulators, trading heartbeat train generators, recognizable proof recipients and wideband recieving wires. The essential ground-invading radar considering UWB was promoted in 1974 by Morey at the Geophysical Survey Systems Corporation. Through the 1980s, this development was suggested as baseband, conveyor free or drive radio. The articulation ultra wideband was not used until 1989 by the U.S. Division of Defense. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, with the movement in gear plot, UWB development has been used as a piece of various applications, for instance, correspondences, and altimetry. Within the educational association, Professor Scholtz and his social event in the University of Southern California led UWB assessments since the mid 1990s. In1993, Scholtz disseminated a memorable point paper that showed a various passageway system for UWB correspondence structures. This methodology allocates each customer a novel spreading code that chooses specific models in time when the customer is allowed to transmit. This licenses UWB to support not simply radar and point To point correspondences, moreover remote frameworks. Being a promisingi opportunities for remote frameworks, more iresearchers began to look at on UWB in the late 1990s and mid 2000s. These examinations consolidate heartbeat shape plot, different access plans, channel imodel examination, radio wire response depiction, and transmitter and ireceiver plan in UWB structures. Meanwhile, there has been a snappy iexpansion of the amount of associations and government workplaces remembered for iUWB, which fuse Multispectral Solutions, Time Domain, Aether Wire, and iFantasma Networks. These associations and the FCC, National iTelecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Defense iAdvanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), have gone through various years iinvestigating the effect of UWB radiations on existing inarrowband structures. UWB good conditions There are a couple of good conditions in UWB itechnology stood out from standard remote advances. The 802.15.3 physical layer worldview irequires diagrams to achieve 110 Mb/s for an authority at a detachment of 10m iand 200Mb/sat 4 m, with decisions for demonstrating attractiveness to higher paces of up ito 480 Mb/s at partitions under 4 m. The standard for the high data rate is ibased on the Shannon channel limit Speculation, iwhich is given by C=W-log_2 (1+SNR) ..†¦ .(1.2) where C is most extraordinary channel limit, W is channel transmission limit, and SNR is signalâ to racket power extent in Gaussian Channel. Shannons numerical explanation shows that channel limit turns out to be legitimately with the transmission limit. In any case, it obliges exponential augmentations in vitality to achieve a similar outcome if the transmission limit and commotion level is adjusted. Those reachable rates for UWB and two other short-broaden remote frameworks organization progresses strikingly the 802.11a in the Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (UNII) radio band (5 GHz) which is secluded into three sub-gatherings, and Bluetooth in the 2.4 GHz present day, exploratory and medical(ISM) radio gatherings are illustrated. We can see that UWB gives a lot higher potential association rates than exchange remote progressions at shorter detachments (customarily less than10m). The photograph shows that UWB advancement is generally appropriate for short-go (under 10m) applications. Long range flexibility can be served by WLAN applications for correspondence association plan, two estimations are a great part of the time used; to be explicit, transmission limit adequacy, which is estimated in b/s/Hz and spatial cutoff, which is given by b/s/m2 that gets the amassed data power in existence. As demonstrated by the going with outline we can clearly observe the upsides of UWB over various headways. The 2.4 GHz Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) band contains 80 MHz of usable range which derives that three 22 MHz IEEE 802.11b systems can chip away at a non-interfering reason. Each system can give a top pace of 11 Mb/s to achieve a total collected pace of 33 Mb/s. For a working extent of 100 m, this yields a spatial constraint of plus or minus 1 Kb/s/m2. Bluetooth in its low-control mode can accomplish 10 m proceed to can achieve a peak pace of 1 Mb/s. Studies have shown that Pretty almost ten Bluetooth gatherings can work at the same time within this range with unimportant defilement. This yields an all out pace of 10 Mb/s and a spatial Cutoff of Approximately 30 Kb/s/m2. UWB structures are planned for 110Mb/s at 10 m run with four collected bundles, which yields a spatial restriction of around 1.3 Mb/s/m2. Therefore, the data power UWB can possibly backing is a couple of solicitations of degree greater than those of the current

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21 The Movie

21 The Movie 21 = Vegas + MIT kids. Me = born in Vegas (seriously) + going to MIT. My take on the movie, 21: Completely NO spoilers: * Check out reviews here. * Check out General Observations below. Synopsis: (some spoilers for the first hour of the movie) Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess), an incredibly brilliant student at MIT who is capable of rattling off sales figures faster than a cash register, needs $300,000 to go to Harvard Med School, after attaining 1590 SAT, 44 MCAT, and a 4.0 GPA* at MIT. Moreover, he is bored with his life as an academic superstar and breezing through his courses with little excitement (or success with girls). Impressing his nonlinear equations professor Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) with his outstanding intellect, Ben was offered a chance to join the clandestine MIT blackjack team. Ben initially declines, but with increasing pressure from Jill Taylor (Kate Bosworth), a current (and very seductive) team member, Ben caves in and joins the team, declaring that he would quit after $300,000. Through a trial by fire at a sketchy Chinatown gambling den, Ben performs brilliantly and is ceremonially welcomed into the team by all of the members Micky, Jill, kleptomaniac Choi (Aaron Yoo), dazzling Kianna (Liza Lapira), and the hot-headed Fisher (Jacob Pitts). Through 17 weekends in the City of Sin, Ben discovers the high-rolling life, explores his boundaries with women, and snubs his close friends back at MIT. Although Ben quickly makes enough money to cover his medical tuition and then some more, he must come face to face with the implications of his increasingly souring relationship with Micky Rosa, as well as the bitter reality of law enforcement reincarnated as the cold card-counter-turned-cop, Cole Williams (Laurence Fishburne). * A lot of people made a big deal about Bens supposed 4.0 GPA at MIT, which would be a B average here (because we work on a 5.0 scale). Although this might viably be a mistake on the movie producers part, its important to note that basically in terms of applying to grad school (especially med school), they will recalculate your GPA to fit into a 4.0 scale anyway, so I dont think this is such a big error as people make it out to be. General Observations: * The movie is very loosely based on the actual book, Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich. Actually, aside from the basic premise of the characters, the card-counting method, and the fact that they traveled to Vegas and got in trouble with the authorities at the end, most of the side plotlines (and the major plot twist at the very end of the movie) are completely only present in the movie. To be completely honest, I would say that 75% of the movie is not based on the book. * The movie is not shot on MIT campus at all. Most of the in-school scenes are filmed at BU. (see more detail below). * The movie features THREE MIT alums who had credited parts in the movie. (see below) Other Observations: (includes spoilers) * Remember Professor Rosas lecture hall (where Ben has his nonlinear equations course)? Thats totally a BU lecture hall. Lecture halls in that format arent common at MIT (i.e. long table at each row with built-in swivel chairs). Exceptions: one lecture hall on the second floor of Building 4 and Sloan lecture halls. * Random hallway with lots of students at one point of the movie the hallway outside of Tsai Auditorium on BU campus. Shots outside of Bens dorm? Towers Dormitory at BU. Also, there are other shots of Bay State Road (one artery of the BU campus). * 4-145, the blackjack team room, should be one of the first-floor rooms of Building 4 here at MIT. Although the movie producers got the numbering system right, the numbers of the rooms arent stuck on the lower right of the glass panels of the rooms (especially not in Building 4 theyre affixed to a placard next to the door). Also, we have a lot of recitations in Building 4, and the classrooms are definitely not laid out anything like that classroom in the movie. * The three MIT alums in the movie: Colin Angle (iRobot co-founder), as Professor Hanes (Im not entirely sure which professor he was); Jeffrey Ma (the real Ben Campbell), as the dealer that Ben and Fisher kept referring to as Jeffrey towards the end of the film; and Henry Houh, as the Chinatown dealer (winner winner chicken dinner!). * Confused about the three doors problem that Prof. Rosa threw at Ben? Its the classic Monty Hall problem that people had made such a big deal in the past (and thus isnt really that difficult anymore). * I believe the 2.09 competition that Miles and Ben were so obsessed about is loosely based on the 2.007 competition at MIT. But I can be wrong, since Im not that mech-E or EECS focused. * All the subway scenes utilized coach cars from the Red Line (you can actually see the Swahili Guaranteed! advertisement from the Boston Language Institute thats still all over the Red Line in the movie). * The subway stop that Jill had to get off at during the subway scene with Ben (this is my stop) is Quincy Center, on the Red Line. (I dont know why Jill would have to get off at South Bostongenerally, I dont think MIT people would live at South Boston (its around 40 minutes by the T and South Boston has a high crime rate)). * In all of the Subway shots, the train says that its Express to Davis, which wouldnt make too much sense Davis is the stop before the last stop, Alewife, and it wouldnt make too much sense for an express train to go there instead of Alewife (does an express train even exist on the T?). Moreover, if Jill gets off at Quincy Center (South Boston while Alewife is the last stop to the north) and the train is going to Davis, it implies that Ben and Jill got on probably at Braintree or Quincy Adams (the southern extremes of the Red Line), which would raise the question of what they were doing there in the first place (again, people dont usually go to South Boston from MIT). (Confused? Use this map) * Many MIT students dont even connect their dorm phones, even though we do have one for each room (or you should). We rely mainly on cell phones. Sturgess, then, might not had reached as automatically for the headset to get his room service. ;) * Peoples Republik, the bar where Miles, Ben, and Person X (forgot his other friends name) were drinking at, does exist and its close to MIT, at Central Square. * The diner that the blackjack team was at (salt, pepper, mustard analogy)? South Street Diner. * Check out the number of hoodies that the Boston people were wearing. Oh yeah. =D thats Boston weather for ya. * Check out the number of MIT gear that the blackjack team was wearing (esp Kiannas cap I dont really know I remember it, but it just stood out maybe because I dont really see people wearing MIT hats, just sweaters generally). * Although Cauchys dispute with his student about him using the student to achieve his own ends (the you should get that eye looked at argument between Ben and Rosa) may or may not be true, it is accurate that Cauchy had often been accused of plagarism on several counts. Controversy with Grassmann. * The card counting system (paycheck = +15, sweet = +16, witch = +13etc.) system that the movie uses finds its roots in Ben Mezrichs original book. It is quite fascinating to see how they came up with that mnemonic to remember the count (the system goes from +1 to +18). I dont want to repost it here, because I dont know if its copyright infringement but you should definitely check it out. * At one point in the first meetings between Rosa and Ben, Ben states that he took orgo (presumably orgo I, 5.12), as a freshman (which many freshmen, including Paul, are doing, actually). Ben says he got an A in the course. If Paul does the same, then hes as brilliant as Ben is! =p * Jim Sturgess is British. Try catching him slip out of the American accent that he had to learn to play the part of Ben in the movie. ;) (he does it multiple times, especially with certain words) Alright, thats pretty much all I can remember off the top of my head about details from the movie that I thought was interesting. General Remarks: (no spoilers!) This movie didnt open well to critics expectations (just check rottentomatoes), and I can see why. Compared to movies like Oceans Eleven or Casino Royale, 21 is more like a simple story of a bunch of college kids beating the system, rather than suave men and dashing secret agents coming in to disrupt a drug cartel or a corrupt casino mogul. The movie also plays to the MIT nerd stereotype (just check out Miles hes supposed to be the geeky, uber-smart MIT student), which is definitely not accurate for the majority of the MIT student population. But I just feel that a movie is a movie, and the purpose of a movie is to entertain. 21 does do a decent job at entertaining the audience, and I definitely did not think that this movie was a complete flop (just check out the very last frame of the movie that scene was priceless). There might be some overexaggeration at times (as much as we would like it, not everyone at MIT is like genius Ben (though Bens do exist at MIT in real life =p), and our professors and students do not spend time trying to beat the casino through intelligence on a day to day basis (or maybe, a subset of MIT still does, one that I dont personally know about =D)). But hey who cares? MIT gets an awesome aerial pan across the Charles (with the dome and the Green Building in full sight), and Kiannas gorgeous to boot. Win-win :) ps. Most Awesome Moment When buying the tickets: Me: I would like a Student ticket to 4:15s 21, please. Ticket Guy: Sure, I would need your student ID. [hands over MIT ID] Ticket Guy: [pause] So YOURE one of THOSE guys! Me: =p Prefrosh: Come to MIT and be one of those guys! We rawk. =D

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Understanding Story Setting 5 Tips for Choosing a Setting

Whether it’s the streets of New York City in the 1970s or Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings, setting is one of the most important literary elements in story writing. Setting—the where and when of the narrative action—creates a believable world for the characters to pursue their goals.